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At Saticoy Plaza Dentistry, we rely on patient education to provide you with a clear understanding of what your oral health needs are and how we can help. We encourage you to ask questions because it's the best way for us to learn what's on your mind and make sure you have all the information you need. 

If you ever have a question, please don't hesitate to call us. We are here to help you find the answers you're looking for so that you can feel confident about the direction of your treatment. In the meanwhile, please check some of our most frequently asked questions.

General & Family Dentistry

ETeeth Pain | Saticoy Plaza Dentistryxcessive teeth grinding, known as Bruxism, can severely damage your teeth if left untreated. Nearly 80% of teeth grinding is done subconsciously while you are sleeping at night, and is often due to stress and anxiety. It's often hard to pinpoint what is the cause of your pain or irritation, so it's important to visit your Van Nuys dentist to get a solution sooner than later. 

Teeth Grinding and Night Guards

Dental appliances called Night Guards protect your teeth from grinding. The guard is custom designed for your teeth, and is worn at night when grinding is the heaviest. To learn more about what your oral pain could be, be sure to contact our friendly dental staff!

Patient Comfort | Saticoy Plaza Dentistr Every patient needs and deserves a healthy smile, but achieving this goal is harder for some than others. At Saticoy Plaza Dentistry, we are sensitive to the fact that some people just don't like visiting the dentist. That is why our team puts your needs first and focuses entirely on your comfort and well-being.

Our Office is High-Tech

We offer lots of technology that streamlines your visits so you can spend less time in the dental chair and more time enjoying your healthy smile. But we never lose sight of the fact that you are an individual with specific needs and desires. We will take the time to get to know you and develop a trusting atmosphere where you feel comfortable coming to us with any problem you have.

You can tell from the moment you enter our office that our team enjoys what they do. Your dental care is important, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We know just how to balance professionalism with a lighthearted, friendly approach that puts you at ease.

Your Friendly Van Nuys Dentist

If you have let your dental care slide a little and need lots of work, please don't be worried that we will shame or lecture you. What you did yesterday doesn't matter. We will start right where you are and move forward from there. We're just happy you decided to turn to us!

Are you looking for a family dentist in Van Nuys who can serve all your needs? Please call us, and we'll be happy to arrange an appointment for you to stop by.

Visiting the Dentist | Saticoy Plaza DentistryWe agree with the recommendation of the American Dental Association (ADA) that says patients should see their dentist every six months for exams and cleanings. These intervals allow your dentist in Van Nuys to monitor your oral health and find and treat problems when they are small and easy to manage.

Your Dental Exam With Dr. Bacquet

During these visits, Dr. Daniel Bacquet will perform a visual exam to look for potential problems and recommend x-rays as needed. Every exam also includes screening for oral cancer because survival rates are high when we catch it in the early stages.

Your semi-annual visits also include a professional dental cleaning where we check for signs of periodontal (gum) disease. Gum disease has become a serious problem that affects nearly half of all US adults over the age of 30, and it is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults.

In many cases, patients aren't aware gum disease exists until we find it during a cleaning appointment. With early treatment and improved oral hygiene, gum disease is easy to control. However, untreated gum disease can advance to the point where tooth loss is a possibility.

Book a Cleaning With Our Van Nuys Dental Team

We know how to make every visit with us pleasant, comfortable, and stress-free. If it's time for your next exam or you're concerned about your oral health, please call Saticoy Plaza Dentistry to arrange a convenient appointment.

Woman in Pain at the Dentist | Saticoy Plaza Dentistry

Our team here at Saticoy Plaza Dentistry understands the stress (and sometimes pain!) that comes with an unexpected dental emergency. This is why we do our best to accommodate patients in case of any dental emergency.

Dental emergencies can include chipped teeth, severe oral pain, and knocked out teeth.

Emergency Dental Appointments in Van Nuys

Call us at (818) 708-9889 if you are experiencing any dental discomfort and want to be seen immediately. We will schedule you in as fast as possible and provide the necessary treatments or prescriptions to get you out of pain. In some cases, we may be able to fit you in on the same day. 

 X-rays may be taken at the emergency appointment to assist in diagnosing any potential problems. Getting you smiling again is top priority!

Friendly Dental Team in Van NuysAt Saticoy Plaza Dentistry, our goal is to tailor your dental care to accommodate your unique needs. We believe in building strong patient relationships that help us learn what matters to you and how we can improve your experience with us. 

A Friendly Dental Staff Makes All The Difference

Our team treats you like family because that is the way we would want to be treated. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how much easier oral health care is when it is delivered by friendly professionals you know and trust. 

Since your time is valuable, we strive to see you promptly at your appointed time. Our friendly team will welcome you, help you get settled in the dental chair, and make sure you are comfortable.

Van Nuys family dentist Dr. Daniel Bacquet is gentle, personable, and friendly and his goal is to provide you with the highest quality dental care available. Many people have poor oral health because they fear dental visits, but we will never judge or lecture you about past habits. We focus on the positive because you have taken the critical first step of getting here, and we appreciate how challenging that in itself can be!

Dental Services in Van Nuys

If you are looking for a dental home where your needs are respected, please call Saticoy Plaza Dentistry. We look forward to showing you how uncomplicated your dental care can be!

Man Thinking | Saticoy Plaza Dentistry If your teeth are starting to appear worn, shorter, and chipped in some areas, you are not alone.

What Causes Worn Teeth?

Every day more and more stress is put on our teeth. We put stress on our teeth when we chew our foods and when we grind our teeth. Most teeth grinding takes place at night while we are asleep, so many of us are unaware that we do it.

As we add this stress to our teeth, they become more brittle. The teeth begin to wear down, appear shorter, and alter your bite. Eventually, your teeth will begin to chip away, and in more severe cases, even fracture.

Using Nightguards for Teeth Grinding

Nightguards (also known as occlusal guards) are appliances we fabricate here, to help protect your teeth from grinding. They are custom designed to fit your teeth, and are significantly more comfortable and effective than any over-the-counter nightguard. You wear the nightguard to bed, and it protects your natural teeth and your existing dental work from further damage caused by grinding.

If you've been noticing your teeth appearing shorter or chipping, ask our Van Nuys dental office about having a nightguard made for you!

Flossing to Prevent Gum Disease | Saticoy Plaza DentistryGum disease is an infection that attacks the supporting structures of your teeth. It often develops because of poor brushing and flossing habits. Bacteria-filled plaque collect on your teeth, and, if not removed, hardens into a substance called tartar that spreads below the gum line.

How Gum Disease Develops

In its earliest stage (gingivitis), you may notice tender, inflamed, or swollen gums, and bleeding when you brush. Gingivitis can usually be controlled with extra professional cleanings and improved oral hygiene. Without treatment, the infection spreads to the next stage, periodontitis, which can ultimately lead to tooth loss.

One of the reasons gum disease is so widespread is that it can do damage to your gums before you are even aware it exists. This is why we encourage twice-yearly exams and cleanings at Saticoy Plaza Dentistry. During these visits, Dr. Bacquet will examine your teeth and gums thoroughly to look for signs of gum disease.

Dental Exams With Your Van Nuys Dentist

If you want to visit a dentist in Van Nuys who can ensure that your smile is as healthy as it should be, please call our office. We will be happy to arrange a cleaning and exam to ensure your teeth are strong, healthy, and free of disease.

Deep Cleaning | Saticoy Plaza DentistryAll day long, the foods and drinks you consume leave a sticky film of bacteria on your teeth called plaque. As these bacteria accumulate on the gums around your teeth, the toxins released can ultimately result in periodontal (gum) disease. Some signs that you have gum disease include inflammation and bleeding of the gums.

What happens if I skip the dentist?

If you don’t visit our Van Nuys dental office routinely for cleanings, the gum disease will continue to spread. Eventually, the gums begin to separate from the teeth and form pockets or spaces. These little spaces are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which will continue to attack and destroy the gum tissue around your tooth. Untreated gum disease will result in the continued spread of infection, loosened teeth, and ultimately, tooth loss.

Deep dental cleanings in Van Nuys

A deep cleaning treatment is performed under local anesthetic and usually takes less than an hour. During the procedure, we carefully scrape away all the plaque and tartar from the surfaces of your tooth. Next, the root surfaces of your teeth are smoothed to discourage new bacteria from attaching to the tooth. We will develop a long-term treatment plan to restore your teeth to full health, including more frequent dental cleanings in the future.

Your oral health is important to us, and the best way to protect it is with routine dental cleanings and exams at Saticoy Plaza Dentistry. Please call to schedule your next cleaning with us.

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