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Am I Having a Dental Emergency and What Should I Do?

August 27, 2021
Posted By: Saticoy Plaza Dentistry
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Dental emergencies can catch you off guard. Whether it’s a sudden, severe toothache or a tooth injury during a backyard baseball game, we’re here to help.

One of the most common questions patients have about dental emergencies is if they’re having one. If you believe you may be having a dental emergency, the best course of action is not to wonder about it or Google it. Instead, the best, swift action you can take is making a phone call to your dental office.

Emergency vs. Non-Emergency Dental Situations

At Saticoy Plaza Dentistry, we treat a variety of dental emergencies. Most commonly, dental emergencies we see include toothaches, broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, abscesses, and lost fillings and crowns. However, there are a range of situations that count as dental emergencies. 

When we call our friendly team for help, we’ll give you the best advice possible over the phone to help you make an informed decision about your dental health. If your situation requires emergency intervention, we will get you in to see our dentist as quickly as possible. 

We often see patients on the same day for emergencies. We will also provide guidance on dealing with your crisis until you reach our office, whether you need help reducing pain or stabilizing your tooth until you get to us.

By seeking guidance from our team, you may be able to save a tooth that’s in danger, such as a tooth that’s been knocked out. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions over the phone to help you preserve a knocked-out tooth until you can have it reimplanted, a procedure that must be performed with haste for the best possible outcome. 

Emergency Dentistry in Van Nuys

Our efficient and gentle team of dental professionals at Saticoy Plaza Dentistry offers prompt emergency treatment to relieve your pain and restore your oral health. If you have a dental emergency, we urge you to contact our helpful team for advice.

To meet the needs of our regular and emergency dental patients, we have evening hours and Saturday hours. Our availability makes treating your emergencies and receiving your routine dental services more convenient.

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