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Saticoy Plaza Dentistry is a family practice where you can expect to be treated with warmth, kindness, and genuine concern for your needs. Our compassionate team of professionals looks forward to meeting and working with you to provide your family with the outstanding dental care you deserve!
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Patient Testimonials
  • I was too afraid to go to the dentist. My teeth eventually became a complete mess and I couldn’t put my dental work off anymore. A friend recommended Dr. Bacquet to me and I am really glad I went. I am not an easy dental patient but everyone in the office took great care of me and made me feel comfortable. I am so happy that I got my teeth back and can’t stop showing off my new smile!
    Bella O.
    Dr. Bacquet and his team were amazing throughout the entire process. They explained both the treatment and finances well. I dislike seeing the dentist, but they made me feel very comfortable and now i look forward to my cleanings!
    Ines Y.
  • Great experiences here! Dr. Bacquet is very thorough with his dental work and everyone here makes you feel comfortable. During our first appointment he clearly explained any treatment I needed, and answered my questions on why it needed to be done. During each dental visit, I spent very little time in the waiting room, and was really pleased with the work provided.
    Michael S.
    I know that I am in the right hands at Saticoy Plaza Dentistry. They listen to my specific needs and I’m always approached with a smile. The office is kept clean, they have the latest technology, and they go above and beyond with their services.
    Stephanie M.
  • I have been a happy patient at Saticoy Plaza Dentistry for over 20 years. I bring my entire family here and recommend this dental office to everyone. Both Dr. Bacquet’s are wonderful dentists who care about you and provide high quality dental care
    Kate S.
    Dr. Bacquet and his team are great! I was afraid of the dentist for the longest time until I started coming to Saticoy Plaza Dentistry. This family owned dental office truly cares about their patients.
    Susan C.
Meet Dr. Bacquet

Dr. Bacquet is a third-generation dentist who has spent his life learning about providing patients like you with the gentle care and compassionate treatment you deserve!

"I really enjoy my interactions with my patients, many of whom have been coming to our office for 30 years. Some feel like they are part of our family. I also enjoy seeing the improvements in the health of our patients, as well as improving and changing people's lives when we make beautiful new smiles for them." - Dr. Daniel Bacquet

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5 Tips for Making Sure Your Invisalign Aligners Stay Clean and Fresh

Invisalign Aligners | Saticoy Plaza Dentistry
You decided to get Invisalign because you wanted a comfortable and convenient orthodontic solution that would fit your busy lifestyle. While it’s true that treatment with aligners is more convenient than with metal orthodontics, you do need to take care of them properly to protect your oral health.You will be wearing your aligners for extended periods throughout the day and while you sleep, and bacteria can cause plaque to build up on them just as they do on your teeth. So keeping them clean and fresh is crucial not only for your oral health but to keep your breath smelling fresh.Tips for Keeping Your Aligners CleanHere are five steps you ...

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3 Dental Emergencies and How to Handle Them Until You See Your Dentist

Woman With Teeth Pain | Saticoy Plaza Dentistry
Why does it seem that all dental emergencies happen on a Sunday leaving you to wait until Monday before you can get relief?Maybe it’s true, or maybe those weekend emergencies are memorable because they leave you feeling helpless and unsure what to do next.Call Us First!When you need an emergency dentist in Van Nuys, you should know that you can turn to Dr. Daniel Bacquet at Saticoy Plaza Dentistry. We make it a point to be available to you, and our office is often open on Saturdays, so if your emergency occurs over the weekend, there’s a good chance we can see you that day. Even if our office ...

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Need a New Dentist for Your Family? Here's What to Look For

Happy Family | Saticoy Plaza Dentistry
Are you shopping for a new family dentist? The type of relationship you have with any dental professional will impact your ongoing oral health, so choosing one that best fits your family's needs is essential.Does This Dentist Offer the Services You Need?An excellent place to start is by asking yourself if any of your family members have pressing dental needs that require particular attention. Do you or your spouse have ongoing dental problems that require routine monitoring? Do you have missing teeth and aren't sure if an implant or dentures are right for you? Is one of your kids starting to get their permanent teeth?No dentist can be all things ...

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3 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Smiling Woman at the Dentist | Saticoy Plaza Dentistry
You may be thinking that expecting a life-altering change after cosmetic dentistry is a lot to ask. That's understandable; many people still believe that investing in esthetic dental treatments is pure vanity.But if you have the urge to hide your smile because your teeth don't look healthy, there's already a negative effect impact on your self-esteem. And wouldn't your life be even a little bit more enjoyable if you could engage openly and confidently with others?You Deserve to Look Your BestMany people have taken advantage of the dramatic impact that a few esthetic changes can make. If you are still not sure if making the investment is the right step ...

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Could Dental Sealants Help Your Child Have a Healthier Smile?

Children Smiling | Dental Sealants Blog | Saticoy Plaza Dentistry
Children have a lot going on in their busy young lives, and the last thing you want is for your child to get sidelined by dental problems. The best way to avoid this is with early childhood preventive treatments like dental sealants.A sealant is a coating that is applied to the rough chewing surfaces of children’s teeth like those found on molars. These areas can be difficult to clean thoroughly, making them prone to cavities. Coating the teeth with a sealant creates a barrier that prevents food particles and bacteria from coming into direct contact with the tooth.Do Sealants Work?It’s estimated that sealants reduce the risk of decay by as ...

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Want a Beautiful Smile without Complicated Treatment? 3 Ways We Can Make That Happen

Group of Friends Smiling | Getting a Beautiful Smile Blog | Saticoy Plaza Dentistry
A beautiful smile has benefits that go beyond esthetics; a smile releases endorphins and serotonin that not only make you feel good but can also help boost the spirits of those around you. When you look your best, your confidence improves, opening doors to friendships and business opportunities.But if the appearance of your teeth leaves you feeling self-conscious about your smile, others may see you as unfriendly or unapproachable. Fortunately, there are several conservative options for making dramatic changes to your smile without a big price tag.Professional Teeth WhiteningYou can't get much more value out of a cosmetic treatment than you can with professional teeth whitening. Whether you choose an ...

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Get More Mileage from Your Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening | Saticoy Plaza Dentistry
One cosmetic dental treatment that offers excellent value is professional teeth whitening. Treatment is affordable, and you can choose an in-office treatment or at-home whitening to fit your busy schedule and lifestyle.Get the Most out of Your WhiteningIn either case, the result is a sparkling, bright smile that restores a more youthful appearance and gives your confidence a boost. The next question is, how can you extend the benefits of teeth whitening for as long as possible?It's not difficult to keep your smile bright after whitening, but you may have to commit to making a few changes:Maintain routine cleaning appointments - Your newly whitened smile can slowly take on a ...

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