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Is a Special Event Coming Up Soon? Consider Teeth Whitening!

The holidays aren’t far off, and Thanksgiving is only about two months away. It will be the season for weddings, parties, and family get-togethers – will your smile be ready for all that socializing?

At this time of year, we all spend a lot of time interacting with others. Wouldn’t it be nice if this was the year you could show off a bright white smile in all those family photos?

Teeth Whitening for a Smile Boost

Everybody’s teeth gradually stain over time, even with a healthy oral hygiene routine. Your dental enamel becomes more porous, attracting stains from all the foods and drinks you consume. If you use tobacco or regularly drink ...

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3 Things to Look for When Searching for the Best Children's Dentist in Van Nuys

Whether you have a toddler who’s ready for their first dental visit or an older child who needs ongoing care, selecting the best children’s dentist in Van Nuys can seem like a daunting task.

Of course, education and experience are important because you want a professional who can address the broadest range of problems for your child. But after you’ve done your research and narrowed down your search to some dentists in your who have the qualifications, then what?

Choosing the Best Dentist for Your Child

One thing to consider is the fact that a dentist is a health care provider who will be a large part of your child’s life from now ...

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How to Care for Your Dental Implant So It Lasts a Lifetime

Women Hugging | Saticoy Plaza Dentistry

If you have recently completed the dental implant placement process, congratulations!

The first few days after your implant is restored to full function are a great time to celebrate your achievement; you followed your dentist’s recommendations to the letter, and now you’re enjoying the rewards. It was an investment in time and money, but it’s all behind you, so give yourself a pat on the back!

But now that the process is complete, how what's the best way to protect your investment? You want to ensure that the implant remains as a permanent structure in your jaw, so the last thing you want is to compromise all that effort by not taking ...

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3 Questions to Ask before Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist in Van Nuys

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If you’re serious about having a stunning smile, choosing a cosmetic dentist is an important decision. Being a great cosmetic dentist requires skill and training, years of practice, and the ability to listen to patients’ needs.

Questions to Ask Before Deciding

A lot of patients just assume that any dentist who offers cosmetic dentistry is able to meet all their needs. But it’s essential to ask questions before committing to any long-term professional relationship. A confident, qualified dentist has a sincere interest in listening to your needs to learn what matters to you.

  • The first thing to ask is how much experience the dentist has. How many patients have they successfully helped with ...

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3 Reasons We Might Recommend a Crown

Dental Crowns | Saticoy Plaza Dentistry

Crowns are one of the most common procedures performed by dentists and have been used for decades to restore damaged teeth. Today, we have access to state-of-the-art materials like porcelain, which looks so much like a natural tooth that we can also use them for cosmetic purposes to improve your smile.

There are numerous reasons why your dentist may recommend a crown, and here are three of the most common:

Protect a Damaged Tooth

Dental enamel is durable, but it’s not indestructible. If a tooth is damaged by decay, injury, or a destructive habit like teeth grinding, a filling may not be enough to protect it. In this case, your dentist would recommend ...

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3 Signs That Mean It Might Be Time for a Root Canal

Woman with Tooth Pain

One of the greatest misconceptions about dental treatments is that root canals are a procedure that causes pain. Like many people, you probably react with dread to the idea of having a root canal.

But it’s time to do away with the outdated myth that a root canal is a painful treatment. Updated technology and techniques now enable your dentist to perform root canals that are no more complicated than having a tooth filled.

But since people commonly put off the procedure, by the time they arrive at their dentist’s office for treatment, they are already in severe pain. Unfortunately, it is this pain that they associate with the procedure. The fact ...

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5 Tips for Making Sure Your Invisalign Aligners Stay Clean and Fresh

Invisalign Aligners | Saticoy Plaza Dentistry

You decided to get Invisalign because you wanted a comfortable and convenient orthodontic solution that would fit your busy lifestyle. While it’s true that treatment with aligners is more convenient than with metal orthodontics, you do need to take care of them properly to protect your oral health.

You will be wearing your aligners for extended periods throughout the day and while you sleep, and bacteria can cause plaque to build up on them just as they do on your teeth. So keeping them clean and fresh is crucial not only for your oral health but to keep your breath smelling fresh.

Tips for Keeping Your Aligners Clean

Here are five steps you ...

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