Gentle Tooth Extractions in Van Nuys, CA

Tooth Extraction Van Nuys | Saticoy Plaza DentistryIt can be difficult to learn that you need to have a tooth extracted.

The loss of even one tooth can have a dramatic impact on your oral health and appearance. But unhealthy teeth can threaten your overall oral health, which sometimes makes tooth extraction the only sensible option. 

Dr. Daniel Bacquet will take every precaution possible to help you avoid a tooth extraction. However, even though we prefer to save a damaged tooth with restorative and general dentistry treatments, it’s not always possible. 

At Saticoy Plaza Dentistry, our team knows how overwhelming the thought of tooth extraction can be. We are fortunate to have a kind and compassionate dental team who can put themselves in your place to provide you with the attentive care you need. If it becomes necessary to extract a tooth for any reason, you can be sure that we will be here to support you in any way that helps you feel more comfortable and secure.

Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Dr. Bacquet will only recommend a tooth extraction as a last resort. But you should be aware of these common dental health issues that can lead to tooth extraction:

  • Tooth decay: Untreated cavities can leave a tooth so damaged that we can’t repair it with a simple filling or dental crown.
  • Severe gum disease: Severe gum disease can infect the tooth roots and the jawbone. Teeth may need to be extracted to restore gum and dental health.
  • Dental trauma: A tooth damaged by injury or trauma may need to be extracted if the tooth is severely damaged and can’t be restored with a dental crown.
  • In preparation for dentures: When planning for dentures, we may need to remove teeth for the best outcome.
  • Placement of dental implants: Dr. Bacquet estimates that approximately 75% of patients require extraction prior to placement of a dental implant.

Van Nuys Tooth Extraction | Saticoy Plaza DentistryMost extractions can be performed at our Van Nuys dental office, but Dr. Bacquet may refer you to a specialist if he feels it would benefit you. We may also recommend a specialist if you would prefer sedation during your procedure.

Tooth Replacement after Extraction

Missing teeth should be replaced as soon as possible because over time, tooth loss can cause jawbone deterioration and bite alignment problems. At Saticoy Plaza Dentistry, we offer many treatment options to replace missing teeth and restore your smile:

Unless you require an emergency procedure, Dr. Bacquet will discuss all your replacement options prior to extraction and help you weigh the benefits of each.

Call our Van Nuys Office Today to Protect Your Oral Health

Please don’t let the fear of extraction delay your treatment. Damaged teeth can ruin your smile and your oral health. Call our Van Nuys dental office and we will arrange an appointment with Dr. Bacquet so he can evaluate your condition and provide you with recommendations that make sense for you.