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What Are the Benefits of Family Dentistry?

September 26, 2021
Posted By: Saticoy Plaza Dentistry

Your family dentist in Lake Balboa, CA has experience treating across all age groups, and we are always thrilled to welcome patients of all ages.

Of course, there are children’s dentists around, but there are definite benefits to keeping your family’s dentistry in one convenient location.

Let’s look at a few benefits of family dentistry.

#1 Family Dentistry in Lake Balboa, CA Is Convenient

Families have busy schedules, and when you can combine appointments to one location—and often to one day—it can make all the difference.

Our dental team can work to schedule you and your family members for treatment on the same day whenever possible. This approach means less driving and less disruption to your lives.

Additionally, all your family’s dental records are in one convenient location.

#2 A Family Dentist Near Van Nuys, CA Can Recognize Familial Traits

Some dental health issues tend to run in families. When your dentist treats all family members, they can be on the lookout for these specific traits. They can anticipate particular things and, in many cases, prevent them.

For example, gum disease is preventable with regular dental care and excellent oral hygiene. Yet, some studies show a predisposition to this condition in families. Jaw size and overcrowding can also be familial traits.

#3 Children May Prefer Seeing the Same Dentist as Mom and Dad

Seeing the same dentist as mom and dad may make dentistry easier for your child. You can tell them who is who and what to expect with authority because you have been in our dental chair.

Part of our approach to children’s dentistry in Lake Balboa, CA is to build trust with children so they feel confident and happy to be at the dentist. If you are also a patient with us, it may help promote these ideas.

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