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Have You Fallen for These 3 Oral Health Myths?

March 23, 2018
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Do you feel confident that you understand how to manage your oral health? You know that brushing and flossing correctly twice a day is important, as are semi-annual visits to your dentist's office for exams and cleanings.

If you are already taking these steps, you are well on your way to a healthy, problem-free smile. But even if you have good intentions, there's a possibility that you aren't getting the most out of your efforts if your dental health has fallen victim to common dental falsehoods.

Oral Health Myths and the Facts

In March 2017, the FDI World Dental Foundation, in conjunction with World Oral Health Day, conducted a global survey across 12 countries to focus on certain persistent myths associated with oral hygiene practices. 

The good news is that the survey indicates that there are lots of us who have good intentions for our oral health. But there are a few falsehoods that not only don't support good oral health but may actually be damaging it! 

Myth: Brushing directly after every meal protects your oral health.
Fact: Yes, it's a good idea to brush after meals to remove food debris from your teeth. But waiting 30 minutes to brush actually benefits your oral health. If you brush right away, you risk weakening your tooth enamel.

Myth: It's important to rinse with water right after you brush.
Fact: Using a fluoride toothpaste is essential, but the fluoride won't benefit your teeth much if you rinse it away immediately. Wait for about 15 minutes to rinse and give the fluoride a chance to work.

Myth: Drinking fruit juice is better for oral health than carbonated drinks.
Fact: It's true that carbonated beverages can damage dental enamel over time, but fruit juices are high in both sugar and acid that doesn't just eat away enamel, it also causes cavities. The healthiest best approach is to keep drinks that contain sugar and acid to a minimum. 

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