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Do Probiotics Support Good Oral Health?

November 27, 2018
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Probiotics & Good Oral Health | Dentist Van Nuys CA

Many of us have become more health conscious lately, so we look for ways to support total body wellness. Probiotics (healthy bacteria) for instance, are beneficial for gastrointestinal health. 

But you may be surprised to learn that numerous studies show probiotics can support a healthier smile. At Saticoy Plaza Dentistry, we provide the highest level of comprehensive, state-of-the-art dentistry by staying current with information like this that impacts your overall health and well-being.

How Probiotics Benefit Your Oral Health

#1: Prevent Plaque from Forming

There are millions of bacteria in your mouth at any given moment, and some like Streptococcus mutans are responsible for decay. However, researchers have identified a strain of bacteria called A12 that stop S. mutans from developing.

#2: Decrease Inflammation of Gums

A lot of research has been conducted to understand how oral inflammation and general health disorders like diabetes, heart and lung disease, strokes, and pregnancy complications are related. These studies found that patients who use probiotics had healthier mouths and decreased oral inflammation.

#3: Reduce Gingivitis Symptoms

Another study indicates that probiotics are helpful for reducing bleeding, tender, or swollen gums, all common symptoms of gingivitis (mild gum disease). Patients with chronic gingivitis were given probiotics, and after two weeks, they reported an improvement in these symptoms. 

Please Call Us to Learn More

Dr. Daniel Bacquet is a dentist in Van Nuys who supports your goals for a healthy smile by staying on the forefront of emerging research, trends, and technology and sharing the information with you.

Whether you are looking for ways to maintain your oral health or have some catching up to do, please call Saticoy Plaza Dentistry to schedule a convenient appointment. Dr. Bacquet believes in partnering with our patients to help them achieve optimal oral health. He will be happy to meet with you, evaluate your current dental needs, explain how treatment will benefit you, and answer all your questions.

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