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3 Reasons Why Choosing Dental Implants is a Good Idea

January 13, 2019
Posted By: Saticoy Plaza Dentistry
Permanent Tooth Replacement in Van Nuys CA | Dental Implant Diagram

Losing a tooth is upsetting and can turn your life upside down. But if there’s any good news, it’s that today you have several excellent options for replacing missing teeth. You can consider bridges, dentures, or dental implants, but which is right for you?

Your dentist will be happy to explain all your options, but here are a few reasons why dental implants in Van Nuys are a solution to consider.

What Is a Dental Implant?

Of all the tooth replacement options, dental implants most resemble the structure and function of a real tooth. The process starts with a tiny titanium post that your dentist places in your jaw.

After placement, the implant is left to heal for several months as it fuses with surrounding bone and tissue and gains its stability. When the implant has healed, your dentist restores appearance and function with a natural-looking crown, bridge, or denture.  

Why Dental Implants are a Good Choice

  1. The implant stimulates regrowth of bone in your jaw which protects the integrity of neighboring teeth and prevents bone deterioration, a common problem with tooth loss.
  2. The post is rooted in your jaw, so unlike a bridge or denture that sits on top of your gums, an implant is considered to be a permanent replacement.
  3. In the decades that they’ve been in use, dental implants have demonstrated an impressive 95 percent success rate.

Free Tooth Replacement Consultations in Lake Balboa

Dr. Daniel Bacquet is an experienced Van Nuys dentist who completed a residency in implant placement at the International Academy of Dental Implantology. This training gives him the skill and expertise to complete the entire implant process – from implant placement to restoration – here at our comfortable office.

Like most people, you probably have lots of questions about dental implants and whether or not it’s the right solution for you. Please call us today to arrange a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Bacquet to get started.

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