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3 Signs That Mean It Might Be Time for a Root Canal

July 18, 2018
Posted By: Saticoy Plaza Dentistry
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One of the greatest misconceptions about dental treatments is that root canals are a procedure that causes pain. Like many people, you probably react with dread to the idea of having a root canal.

But it’s time to do away with the outdated myth that a root canal is a painful treatment. Updated technology and techniques now enable your dentist to perform root canals that are no more complicated than having a tooth filled.

But since people commonly put off the procedure, by the time they arrive at their dentist’s office for treatment, they are already in severe pain. Unfortunately, it is this pain that they associate with the procedure. The fact is that root canal treatment doesn’t cause your pain, it relieves it.

Prompt Treatment is Crucial

You may not want to think about a root canal, but since you have teeth, you should at least know some of the signs to look for so you can seek treatment right away.

  • A raised bump or “pimple” on the gums
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • Discomfort when you bite down

Unfortunately, by the time these signs become apparent, your tooth has already been damaged. If your dentist doesn’t perform a root canal to remove the infection, the pain will increase, and if you postpone treatment long enough, you will ultimately lose the tooth.

Please Call Saticoy Plaza Dentistry

If you notice any of these signs, please call Dr. Daniel Bacquet to arrange an appointment right away. He has performed many comfortable root canals in the 91406 area and knows what it takes to minimize your stress about the procedure.

Obviously, other dental problems can cause pain, so we need to see you as quickly as possible to diagnose what’s going on. If you are in severe pain, we will make arrangements for you to come in to see us the same day.

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