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What can you do to help me relax during a root canal?

Dental Tools | Top Friendly Dentist in Van NuysIf the thought of having a root canal sends you into a tailspin, we can assure you that the procedure is really nothing to fear. Dr. Daniel Bacquet and the rest of the team at Saticoy Plaza Dentistry are gentle and compassionate and always ensure that our patients remain comfortable during a root canal procedure.

Root Canal Therapy

But we know that root canal therapy has a reputation for being a long and uncomfortable procedure. Today, however, we use updated instruments and techniques that make root canal treatment stress-free and comfortable.

In the past, dentists used stainless steel manual files to perform root canals. Today, however, we use state-of-the-art rotary endodontic equipment that's powered by electricity to make the procedure more efficient and comfortable for you and to deliver more reliable outcomes.

But your comfort is our priority, and if you feel anxious about the procedure, we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that you remain calm throughout treatment. Dr. Bacquet has performed numerous root canals in Van Nuys, and his kind and gentle approach helps our patients receive the treatment they need with little or no discomfort at all.

Gentle Root Canals in Van Nuys

If you suspect you might need a root canal, please don’t avoid treatment because of anxiety. A root canal is an essential procedure that we perform to relieve your pain, save the tooth, and restore your oral health. Please contact Saticoy Plaza Dentistry, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions about our stress-free root canals.

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