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How do you place a tooth-colored filling?

Gentle Dentistry in Van Nuys CAPlacing a tooth-colored filling is a straightforward process that we complete during one appointment. It’s easier than placing a silver amalgam filling that involves removing healthy tooth structure.

How Fillings Work 

A tooth-colored filling is bonded directly to your tooth, which means that in some cases, we may not even need to numb the tooth. However, if tooth decay has progressed to the layer below the enamel, a topical anesthetic will be used for your comfort.

The first step is to choose a shade for the filling material that will closely match the rest of the tooth. Next, Dr. Bacquet removes the decay and cleans the tooth thoroughly. Then he applies a bonding agent to the tooth structure that adheres to the material. Dr. Bacquet places the filling and shapes it to resemble the structure of your tooth. The final step is to set and harden the filling with a curing light.

During the next step, he will make adjustments to the filling to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with your dental bite and that floss can slide easily between your teeth. Dr. Bacquet will make any further adjustments by smoothing and polishing the new filling.

Beautiful White Fillings in Van Nuys

If you have a cavity and would like to learn more about tooth-colored fillings in Van Nuys, CA, please call Saticoy Plaza Dentistry to arrange an appointment.

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