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My teeth look worn and shorter than they did when I was young. What is happening?

Man Thinking | Saticoy Plaza Dentistry If your teeth are starting to appear worn, shorter, and chipped in some areas, you are not alone.

What Causes Worn Teeth?

Every day more and more stress is put on our teeth. We put stress on our teeth when we chew our foods and when we grind our teeth. Most teeth grinding takes place at night while we are asleep, so many of us are unaware that we do it.

As we add this stress to our teeth, they become more brittle. The teeth begin to wear down, appear shorter, and alter your bite. Eventually, your teeth will begin to chip away, and in more severe cases, even fracture.

Using Nightguards for Teeth Grinding

Nightguards (also known as occlusal guards) are appliances we fabricate here, to help protect your teeth from grinding. They are custom designed to fit your teeth, and are significantly more comfortable and effective than any over-the-counter nightguard. You wear the nightguard to bed, and it protects your natural teeth and your existing dental work from further damage caused by grinding.

If you've been noticing your teeth appearing shorter or chipping, ask our Van Nuys dental office about having a nightguard made for you!

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