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How to Know When Your Dental Problem is an Emergency

October 6, 2018
Posted By: Saticoy Plaza Dentistry
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You have a dental problem – mild tooth pain, a lost crown, or a tooth that took a blow in an accident – but you’re not sure if it’s an emergency, and you really don’t want to bother your dentist if it’s not.

First, your dentist wants you to call regardless of the problem you’re experiencing. Since it can be challenging to think clearly in an emergency, you need the support of a knowledgeable team who can think for you.

Critical Emergencies

An emergency is critical when you need immediate treatment. 

Knocked-Out Tooth

You’re playing basketball with friends and take an elbow to the face that knocked your tooth out. Referred to as an avulsed tooth, this is a critical emergency because there’s a window of only a few hours in which we have any chance of replacing it in the socket successfully. 

A Severe Toothache

Dental pain is your body’s way of telling you that something serious is happening, and beyond discomfort, severe tooth pain is a sign that you are about to lose the tooth. You desperately need relief, and your dentist needs to perform a root canal or other treatment to save the tooth. 

Moderate Emergencies

These are emergencies that need attention, but you may not have to drop everything to see your dentist right away.

  • Mild tooth pain – Something needs attention, but you can manage the pain with over-the-counter anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen until you can make an appointment. 
  • Lost crown or filling – This is upsetting, but not critical; put the crown of pieces of filling in tissue until you can arrange to see your dentist.

Minor Emergencies

You’ve chipped off a piece of your tooth or restoration, and while it looks terrible and needs to be treated as soon as possible, again, there’s no need to clear your schedule to run to your dentist.

Don’t Hesitate – Call Us if You Have Concerns

If you think you might need emergency dental treatment in Van Nuys, please don’t ever hesitate to call Saticoy Plaza Dentistry at (818) 708-9889. Our office is open until 6:30 PM four nights a week, and we have hours on Saturdays, so there’s a good chance we can see your right away.

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