Emergency Dental Treatment Van Nuys CA

If you have ever experienced a dental emergency, you know how it can turn your life upside down. It seems like everything can be fine one moment and then you break a tooth or develop a severe toothache. Suddenly all you can think about is getting relief – fast!

At Saticoy Plaza Dentistry, we understand how upsetting an emergency can be, so we want to provide the relief you need as quickly as possible. We always leave time in our schedule to accommodate you and we are usually open five days a week including Saturday, so we can usually see you the same day if you have an emergency.

Types of Emergencies We Treat

Dental emergencies come in all shapes and sizes from a mild toothache to a knocked-out tooth. Some require immediate treatment while others are less critical and need treatment as soon as possible. But how do you know which is which?

Emergencies That Require Immediate Attention

Knocked-Out Tooth – One of the most critical emergencies is a knocked-out (avulsed) tooth. There is a small window of time in which we can successfully replace the tooth, so you should take the following steps:

  • Have someone call our office right away to let us know what’s happening.
  • Hold the tooth by the crown and don’t touch the root or attached tissue.
  • It’s imperative that you keep the root moist, so place the tooth in a container of milk, water, or even saliva if necessary.

Note: If you have suffered an injury to your face or head or experience excessive bleeding, call 911 or go immediately to the emergency room.

Severe Toothache – Any degree of pain is a sign that something is wrong, but severe pain that disrupts your daily routine is an indication that we need to take immediate action to provide relief and save your tooth. Until you get to our office, you can try taking ibuprofen or using an ice pack on and off your face for 20 minutes.

Emergencies to Treat as Soon as Possible

Losing a crown or filling can be upsetting, but you may not need to drop everything to come and see us. Wrap the crown in tissue and keep it in a safe place until you can see us. Sometimes we only need to recement a lost crown, but a filling will need to be replaced. 

Please Call Our Office for Assistance

Of course, these are just guidelines, and we don’t want you to waste precious time trying to figure out what type of emergency you have. Go ahead and call us. We would prefer to take your phone call and find out you don’t have an emergency than have you suffer needlessly.

We are open until about 6:30 PM and we also have Saturday hours, so there’s a good chance we can see you the same day. If it is after hours, please call (818) 708-9889 and follow the prompts for emergency contact.