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3 Tips for Extending the Life of Your New Dental Crown

December 7, 2018
Posted By: Saticoy Plaza Dentistry
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When you invest in a dental crown to restore the health and structure of your tooth, you take a step toward an enhanced appearance and improved oral health and long-term comfort. Dental crowns are indeed an investment, but if you care for your new restoration properly, you can expect it to last up to 15 years or longer.

3 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Dental Crown

  • Step up your oral hygiene game – While the crown itself won’t decay, you can still develop a cavity in the underlying tooth or gum disease that threatens the integrity of your restoration. If you don’t feel confident with your oral hygiene skills, ask your dentist or hygienist for helpful tips for getting the most out of your routine.
  • Schedule and keep routine appointments – Preventive exams and cleanings are essential regardless of the state of your oral health. These visits not only allow your dentist to monitor your oral health for signs of gum disease or decay, but they also provide an opportunity to check on the condition of your crown. If you do have a loose restoration, it’s better to find out while you’re sitting in the dental chair than when you’re out enjoying dinner with friends!
  • Protect your crown from teeth grinding (bruxism) – A teeth grinding habit damages your teeth and impacts the longevity of your crown. Ask your dentist if a custom mouth guard worn while you sleep would be a good idea to protect your teeth and your crown and other restorations.

Dental Crown Restorations in Van Nuys

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