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What should I do if my dental crown comes loose?

Loose Dental Crown FAQ | Saticoy Plaza DentistryCrowns are very durable restorations and, with proper care and oral hygiene, should last for many years. If your crown does feel loose or even comes off, please contact our Van Nuys dental office as soon as possible.

Why Do Crowns Become Loose?

There are many reasons why a dental crown can become loose. One of the most common reasons is eating too many sticky or chewy foods. Gummy candy can cause the cement that holds your crown in place to loosen. There's nothing wrong with an occasional treat, but if you indulge in these kinds of foods frequently, you may be compromising the strength of your crown.

Over time, the cement holding your crown in place can start to degrade. If you lose a crown for this reason, and there is no underlying damage to the tooth, we may be able to cement it back in place.

Tooth decay can also be a culprit when a crown becomes loose or falls off. The crown itself won't get cavities, but if good home hygiene practices are not followed, it’s possible for decay to start near the gum line and gradually damage your natural tooth.

Dental Crown Repair in Van Nuys

It's easy to avoid these problems by using common sense and making appointments for us to check your dental crowns at our Van Nuys dental office. With proper care, your crown will provide many years of good use.

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