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How long will my dental crown last?

Man Thinking | Dental Crown FAQ | Saticoy Plaza Dentistry Many factors contribute to the longevity of your dental crown, so it's difficult to say with any certainty how long it will last. Your oral hygiene, regularity of routine dental visits, and even your lifestyle habits can affect the life of your crown.

Longevity of Dental Crowns

In recent years, we've seen significant advancements in the materials and techniques used for creating durable dental crowns. If your oral and general health is good, a properly placed and cared for dental crown can last as long as 15 years or more.

A routine part of your regular exams at Saticoy Plaza Dentistry is checking existing crowns to see if there are signs of damage or weakness that could cause them to break or come loose.

Dr. Daniel Bacquet and our team are proud of the attractive, durable dental crowns we create for our patients. Your crown will be custom-made to match the color and shape of the rest of your teeth, and no one will notice that it's not one of your natural teeth.

Dental Crown Restorations in Van Nuys

To protect your new crown, just follow good oral hygiene practices and make regular dental appointments to have it checked at our Van Nuys dental office. Give us a call today for help with your crown or a dental exam.

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