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How do I know if my problem is a dental emergency?

Emergency Dentist in Van NuysWe handle all types of dental emergencies at our Van Nuys practice, and the first thing you need to do is call Saticoy Plaza Dentistry and let us know what’s happening.

How We Handle Dental Emergencies

You may have a situation where you can wait a day or two to see us, or we may have you come in for immediate treatment. Or, perhaps you have an urgent emergency like a knocked out tooth where we have only a few hours to save the tooth.

So what emergencies fall between the two extremes?

A tooth that you chip biting down on a kernel of popcorn looks unattractive, and the rough edges can irritate your mouth. We need to address the problem as soon as possible, but you probably don’t need to disrupt your day to rush to our office.

At the other end of the spectrum, severe pain is always a sign of a serious problem developing with your tooth, and immediate treatment is needed to save the tooth. In this case, we would arrange to see you the same day to provide the relief you need and address the problem.

See Your Van Nuys Emergency Dentist

In any case, if you need an emergency dentist in Van Nuys, look no further than Dr. Daniel Bacquet! He will provide the immediate relief you need and take the appropriate steps to get you and your oral health back on track.

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